Day of Feedback

22 04 2009


My day of feedback started like any other day.  I woke up around 5:30am, baked an apple pie and brought it to the local orphanage. Next I went to the gym and worked out until 10, came home, made breakfast and sat in front of the computer with a cup of joe.  

I began on  I had commented previously on a story entitled “Obama Approves Largest Increase Ever in Taxes on Tobacco.”

I had engaged in verbal warfare with a fellow from capecod whose ideas were all over the place.  First he was talking about the tax, then abortion… who knows what this fool was trying to get at. So I targeted him in all of his stupidity.  The following is an excerpt

User Image

sarabel7 first I don’t smoke oh ya abortion are paid for with tax dollars, plan parenthood (third of its money in government grants and contracts)
If obama put a 20 dollar tax on gas then we ride bikes to thus he is telling us what we can and can’t do

User Image

sarabel7 wrote:
Smoking is elective, therefore the taxes that follow are also elective. You smoke, you pay, don’t smoke and you might be able to afford a few more luxeries in your life. Because you smoke, your life insurance rates are higher and as you get older,smoking might translate to more visits to medical facilities. Smoking+health=-money$$$$Instead of calling Obama a liar you should thank him for potentially saving you boat loads of money.

Besides, smoking is sooo 1995.

After taking a trip to Boston, I decided to check out NY and my favorite science section.  I commented on a story from March called “Bad Baby Names- A Boy Named Sue, and a Theory of Names.”

The article was not allowing anymore comments, so I sent an e-mail to the author J. Marion Tierney.  – Here is what I wrote.

Mr. Tierney, (Marion)

I have a friend named Raghu-Ramman.   I was at a football game with him and a drunk girl asked him if he was a meatball.  I used to want a unique name but I’d rather blend in with the rest of the Sarah’s.  I loved your article, and it gave me a few good ideas for the future if I ever have children of my own.  “Garage Empty, Hysteria Johnson, King Arthur, Infinity Hubbard, Please Cope, Major Slaughter, Helen Troy, several Satans and a host of colleagues to the famed Ima Hogg (including Ima Pigg, Ima Muskrat, Ima Nut and Ima Hooker).”

Ima Hooker is my favorite.  Thanks for the ideas.  Loved the article.

-Sarah B.

After the Times, I took my daily jaunt to Facebook where I proceeded to graffiti up my sisters wall.  I did an excellent job of embarrassing her and mocking her friends.  I even made up a fantastic story about her soon to be prom date, Shawn Mason.  He doesn’t know me and I’ve never met him, but the Belanger siblings are tough on prospective significant others.

Sarah Belanger I’ve got a message for Shawn Mason…Those brownies were for everyone and you ruined it! If I ever catch you stealing baked goods from the main office again I will hunt you down and make you lick the ants off the infested floors of this building.

Shawn Mason must have been very confused, and I met my procrastination quota for the day.

I also went on AIM.  I hadn’t signed on in months ,ever since I realized that I haven’t talked to 99 percent of the people on my “buddy list” since 7th grade.   I Imed a few folks, mostly got away message responses, but I did get asked on a coffee date by an old boyfriend.  Online situations can often be awkward…which is probably why I avoid chat encounters.

So lets see, facebook, AIM, NY Times,…  We’re not done yet!  Then I went to ( but the day had been good so far so I didn’t have anything new to post.  I hung out on for a while and found a funny comment thread about an 80-year-old train robber who wants parole. 

Doubt he robs another train

2 Replies — best has 15 diggs +15 diggs +15 / -0

  • Other sites I commented on include (,,, and back to facebook for my grand finally where I posted a link to my blog!!!

Overall, the day of feedback was a success.  I may have even gotten a free cup of coffee out of it.




4 responses

23 04 2009

My names not so bad, but I’ve dealt with my fair share of heckling. Colin. Colon. Colon Cancer. Collyn Gollyn. Overall I think it’s worth it, I am the only one anybody knows with my name and it sounds nice when said properly. I do with that my first and last name weren’t so similar. “Collyn Gollyn” was pretty bad in middle school. Colon Cancer i dealt with because it was generally cute boys saying it.

I’m surprised you took the time to respond to the CapeCod guy. His comment was practically incoherent and likely he spouts the same things on every article. Don’t feed the trolls.

23 04 2009

Well, CapeCod guy and I had argued with one another in the past, so I figured I would continue the battle. His comment was incoherent, I agree but “feeding the trolls” can be fun sometimes.

The only cute guy I would allow call me ‘colon cancer’ is Don Draper, aka Jon Hamm, all day, everyday.

27 04 2009

Suddenly it all makes sense. I knew there was a method to your madness, sorry we didn’t feed into the frenzy on Facebook.
To be fair though, brownies? Come on.

6 05 2009

I totally used the same picture.

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