Part 2 Feedback Assignment

29 04 2009

poopThe assignment was to post a story to elicit as many comments as possible.  I decided to make it my ant story and ended up with a weak 11 comments.  It is really frustrating to look at my ‘stats’ page and see the number of people reading my blog who don’t post! I mean, in all other circumstances I wouldn’t care, but since I am being graded on this blog I’d love for everyone to help a sister out.   I posted links to my story on facebook and twitter.  I also commented on other peoples blogs with links to my own.  I have a few devoted friends who have put my blog in their procrastination zone, which is awesome.  They give me feedback in person which is nice.  


I think I need to bully people into commenting, i’ve tried the cordial route.  For every comment you don’t leave an equal number of flamming bags of dog shalalyie will be left on your front stoop.  No stoop?  I’ll code brown your car. 

I think I could have tried this assignment with a racier story, but I was in a time crunch, and I honestly really did like the story I chose.  I hate ants but by god I respect them.  They may be crumb stealing home invaders but they work harder than any other bug I know.  They are like little reincarnated Spartans, militant and willing to die for their nation state.  They are so enamoured with their cause that they don’t even notice a fallen friend until they start to stink.  

To be fair, there are a lot of people I don’t notice until they start to stink too.  Most of them can be found in my biology class.  

But, I did get comments from a few randos…or friends posing as randos…either way, thanks guys.  I’ve been putting all of my recent stories on Facebook to try to gain a following of some sort.  Seems to be working, i’ve gotten comments from a few new people.  We shall see what the future holds.




5 responses

30 04 2009

hmm.. maybe if you posted stuff more this flavor you’d get more feedback.

30 04 2009

shoot, i’m not very good at html.

if it doesn’t work this time i’ll send it to your fbook. it’s a goodie.

30 04 2009


30 04 2009

Ants are better than owls, owls totally suck it

30 04 2009

My car is the green Honda with the obscene Calvin & Hobbs mudflaps. Please stand back.

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