@ Twitter: Leave the swines alone!

29 04 2009

piggy1Initially, I didn’t have an issue with the twitersphere. Now, all I have to say is, Kindly remove yourself twitter.  There is no room on the Internet for you, to quote the racist restaurant owner in Remember the Titans ” We’re full tonight boys.”   

The only thing I got out of Twitter these past few days was an onslaught of information about Swine Flu… and…quite frankly I am very disappointed in how quickly everyone was to throw our delicious curly tailed friends under the bus. If we should be mad at anyone it’s the Mexicans.  Who knows what kind of crazy farm operations they have going on over there, and I just can’t back a nation that doesn’t  treat the most versatile and savory of all the animals with the respect that they deserve.  

Ham, bacon, pork chops, sausage, tenderloin, ribs, pulled pork, the possibilities are endless!  

And hey, if you aren’t into salty meats you can at least appreciate the loveable yet still delicious antics of Babe the original talking pig, and Gordy the knockoff version I got for my 10th birthday by mistake.  I never read Charlottes web because I refuse to acknowledge talking spiders, but Wilbur the pig seems like he would be a cool dude too.  

The following is about my twitter assignment…my pig rant is over. 

Tony PiercebusblogRT @SidSuicide: Oh my god, shut the f up about the swine flu! So sick of it!

This guy’s got the right idea.  Two strong for ham.  If you do have the swine flu, well I am sorry, maybe stop licking the seats on the subway you dirty dirty person. 


Alright, so the assignment was to follow a group of people on twitter and interact with them.  Here are some of my comments. 


  1. @busblog  I KNOW I love pigs…delicious little companions. So sick of the propaganda.
  2. @brianstelter I’d go after cafeteria ladies before blaming the swines.


  3. @jeffehobbs They just don’t give a hoot.


  4. Uncle Nicks firework emporium http://is.gd/uXhv


  5. http://is.gd/uWXS woman makes clothes out of her hair


  6. @acmaurer Newspaper yarn = creative…human hair yarn= creepy.


  7. @busblog Like mom always says, if you’re going to off yourself make sure you’re wearing a clean pair of underwear.



I got no real responses… just a few hellos.  I even posted a hilarious video.  Thanks for noticing me “friends.”  

I think that I might have enjoyed this assigment and twitter on the whole much more if I could update from my cell, but alas, I cannot.  It was hard to remember to sign into my twit account and tweet since it wasn’t constantly in front of me.  My computer also rejected the tweet deck application because it is a Dell (womp womp)  and I may have spilt too much beer on it over the past five years.   

I will probably join the twit-o-lution post graduation when I will hopefully have $ a job a new computer and a blackberry.  It is a good source of news and information but I just don’t have the time these days to be a twitiac.




3 responses

29 04 2009

Wow. We get both a Twitter Rant and a bonus Pig Rant thrown in for good measure. I look forward to the day you are a twitiac. I’ll be sure to follow.

29 04 2009

I invented Twitter and your rant really hurt my feelings.

Please reconsider, or at least buy a Twit Shirt for 4 easy payments of $19.95.

30 04 2009

Please try to be nicer to Shabe in the future, for as we all know, he’s the retard that invented Twitter. But I liked your comment! I spend much of my time on Twitter trying to make jokes about owls, and I think eventually everyone will use Twitter for this (owl jokes).

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