Auf Wiedersehen Audi

13 07 2009


As a Western Masser, I often found myself fantasizing about city life -or at least a place where there was no chance of getting stuck behind a tractor on a main road. Since graduation, I have been living in Boston and while I’ve yet to encounter a single tractor I have indeed found myself in the presence of slow moving crack heads and temper-mental cab drivers. I spend my days on Craigslist in search for a job and my nights catching up with Bill Compton and Ari Gold on HBO.  Granted, it’s only been a month and a half since graduation, I pictured something a bit more glam.  Good news though! My bad luck has reached an all-time low as of Sat night when my precious Audi was stolen from the auto repair shop it had been peacefully slumbering at.

I was at a graduation party blissfully unaware of what was happening to my poor car.  Medford State Police found it with the front end smashed in and the thief/thieves nowhere in sight.  Of course, this had to happen at 1 AM after we had obliterated the keg.  Needless to say, it took me a while to comprehend what was happening and to pull off a sober performance over the phone with the state police.

Well, it’s two days later and I still haven’t said my goodbyes to my faithful friend. She’s locked away, waiting to be finger printed; cold, scared, alone …violated.

I’d have to say, things can’t get much worse from here but I wouldn’t want to jinx myself.  I’m just looking for some good vibrations.  Thanks for kicking me where it hurts universe, you son-of-a-bitch.




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23 07 2009

Superfly Sarah,

I’m sorry to hear about the Audi. Did you ever meet my friend JR? His car got boosted as well except all they took was a Guster CD…car thiefs are fuckin weird. Where in Boston are you?

5 08 2009


I am currently in Malden- I just realized that you commented! exciting. It was quite the event…getting my car stolen. I went and saw it at the impound joint last week for the first time. It was trashed! I couldn’t believe it. There were also two spider-web marks in the windshield from the punks slamming into it bc my airbags didn’t go off. Serves them right though…poor Audi. Good news though, I just got an 03 passat w/ the insurance money. Things are starting to look up. Now if I could just find a job! Let me know if you’re ever in the area.

12 10 2009

i JUST read this about 3 months later. we did obliterate that keg… that night got so weird. as you got the phone call i thought it was a good idea for me to help collin pull out of my driveway, which is a hill, in the rain. and got his car stuck and my mom had to come help.
you should keep updating, with hopefully happier stories.

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